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The Construction Team


Construction Team

Local workers

In constructive project implementation, we have been able to rely on a strong and motivated construction team since 2017, which is made up of local craftsmen and workers.

Many of them live with their families in the immediate vicinity of the project location and have therefore maintained a good friendship with the nuns in Chabalisa for many years.

We too have been able to build up a trusting and friendly relationship with the craftsmen over the years - not least because we spent a lot of time with them at the project site and overcome language barriers. Kathi and Felix learned to speak Kiswahili, the official language of Tanzania, during their stays. This not only leads to improved communication, but is also met with a great deal of enthusiasm in general.

During the construction work, innovative technology and the right equipment perfectly complement the traditional tools and methods. So far we have been able to learn a lot from each other and have grown into a well-functioning team. Because of this, it is now also possible for the craftsmen to independently implement smaller construction projects planned during our absence - after consultation with the sister order. In this way we prevent stagnation during our absence and ensure a relatively regular income for the employed craftsmen. It also enables us to better plan upcoming project trips and to fully concentrate on the work steps that can only be carried out by us during the stay in Chabalisa.

For handicrafts that do not have to take place directly on the construction site, the sisters take over the search for renowned local skilled workers, as they are well informed about the skills and competences of individual craftsmen in the project region.

Here you can see some team members without whom the construction projects would not have been possible:


Proches Mwemezi

Local engineer

Since the construction of the school building, we have been working with the Tanzanian civil engineer Proches Mwemezi, who was already responsible for the successful implementation of some demanding construction projects in the region. His expertise has enriched the project work and it is possible to realize extensive and demanding construction projects during our absence. During the planning and construction phase, Move-ING is in permanent contact with Proches, so that we are always informed about the current project progress. A jointly developed list of services ensures the targeted control of the construction process and prevents misunderstandings during construction. This contains both the individual construction steps and the materials to be used. A defined time frame and a breakdown of costs also ensure the necessary transparency. Proches leads the construction work, looks for qualified skilled workers and also coordinates all activities with the sister order.

In planning as well as in implementation and later operation, we can also rely on the cooperation with institutions and specialist authorities that

Sister orders and support us with their professional and cultural skills. This ensures that we always comply with all governmental requirements as part of the project work. The sisters are in regular contact with all relevant government representatives, so that we are always informed about the latest regulations and administrative regulations.

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