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What is the project in Chabalisa about?



Where is Chabalisa? Check it out here.


A center for children with disabilities!


Children with disabilities are often discriminated against in Tanzania and are socially excluded. In addition to the lack of points of contact for those affected, there is also a lack of acceptance and education within society. We therefore support our local partners in building a center for mentally and physically ill children in Chabalisa. The center should serve them as a place of residence and education in the future. In addition to the construction work on residential and school buildings, we use our expertise in the construction of sustainable solar power systems, as well as water supply and disposal systems.

The project aims to improve the future prospects of sick children and to raise society's awareness.


A school!


Education is the foundation for equal opportunities and paves the way for a self-determined life. That is why the school education of children is particularly important to us.

In Chabalisa we have set up a school with six classrooms in which children with disabilities receive targeted support and instruction. We also make it possible for children from families particularly affected by poverty to attend school there. Thanks to the inclusion-oriented concept, the students learn to accept each other in a playful way, so that an awareness of more acceptance and tolerance is created early on.

What does Move-ING e.V. do specifically?

We build...

a school

with 6


Further information

can be found here

a dorm

for 20-40


Further information

can be found here

a solar power supply

with 12 solar panels (2.4 kWp in total) and a battery storage. In the future, the public electricity network can be connected to the system.

You can find more information here

a water supply

when the rainwater from the roof areas is collected, stored in a 40,000 l tank and then processed.

You can find more information here

a wastewater treatment plant

which processes the wastewater from the school and the residential building in several steps so that it can then be used for field irrigation.

You can find more information here

barrier-free sanitary facilities

for the house and school. The toilet facilities are operated with collected rainwater.

You can find more information here

How it all started

The project was initiated in 2013 by our local project partners. We have been supporting you in realizing your project idea since 2017.

Further information

can be found here.


Impressions from Chabalisa

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