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How it all started

20171103-Arbeiten Oktober und November 2


Residential house (as of 2017)

The acceptance and commitment of local project partners are particularly important for the sustainable success of a project. It is all the better if the original project idea comes from the local project partners themselves. For example, the Tanzanian religious order of the "Theresi sisters" campaigned a few years ago for the construction of a center for children with disabilities in the project region.

The project was driven by her deep conviction and her desire to create future prospects for impaired children and to unite and relieve affected families. The sisters acquired a plot of land in the village of Chabalisa and commissioned a Tanzanian civil engineer to do the planning. In order to legally secure the project, they took care of all the necessary building and operating permits.

The sister community finally applied for funds from the local government, so that in 2013 the construction of two classrooms and a large apartment building for the emerging center in Chabalisa was possible. Since the money provided was only sufficient for the completion of the two school rooms and for the foundation walls of the residential building, the residential building was in the shell for a long time and could not be used.


When Kathi came into contact with the religious in 2017 during a one-year assignment in northwestern Tanzania, the idea arose to complete the house. Because of this project, Felix also decided to spend half a year in Tanzania. After the two had collected the necessary donations in their private environment, the front part of the house was completed in a four-month construction phase in November 2017 with the support of local craftsmen and workers.

This rapid success is primarily due to the fact that Kathi and Felix lived with the nuns directly on the construction site during the construction phase. Through the daily contact and the constant exchange with all project participants, a close, trusting relationship developed. The residential building was finally handed over to the nuns ready to move in at the beginning of March 2018. During their stay in Tanzania, Kathi and Felix were sure that they would like to support the project in the long term. Since both had previously gained a lot of experience in the context of international development cooperation in East Africa and would like to use their expertise for this and other projects worldwide in the long term, they founded the non-profit association Move-ING after their return to Germany.


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