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Der Verein

The association Move-ING eV

Move-ING eV is a non-profit organization that is actively committed to improving the quality of life for people worldwide. Move-ING is currently working to establish a center for children with disabilities in Tanzania.

Our motivation

There is a terrifying imbalance in the world that is forcing many people to live poor lives without prospects. Our work is driven by opening up new opportunities for these people, paving the way for them to lead a self-determined life.

Our vision

Our vision is to help shape a fair world in which everyone has access to education and vital infrastructure. To achieve this goal, we use our technical expertise, our time and energy for project work out of deep conviction.

We are Move-ING


The Move-ING community

It takes a lot of helping hands to move big things. Here you can find out more about everyone who makes Move-ING's project work so unique.

The participants


Project Partners

The sisters of the "Unlimited Love Sisters" are our current local project partners - they initiated the project in Chabalisa 2013. They live piously and without possessions, and full of love for those who care for them - regardless of their denomination or religion. The success of the project is based on their own initiative and enthusiasm.



Giving children with mental and physical disabilities new courage is the basic idea behind the project in Chabalisa. We do our best to give these children a better future - your laughter is the driving force behind our commitment. The center with living and educational opportunities is open to children of all religions and sets an example so that children with disabilities are no longer hidden, but are given targeted support.


Construction Team

In order to be able to implement the construction projects, a strong and reliable team is required that faces the daily challenges. We only work with local artisans and thus also provide more prospects and an upswing in the project region. In our work together in Chabalisa we have been able to learn a lot from each other so far and have grown into a well-functioning team.


Founders of the Association

Kathi and Felix, two young civil engineers, are behind the foundation of Move-ING. The two have already spent several years in Africa and during this time have lived with the local people under the simplest conditions and worked on many projects. Their experience and expertise are the criteria for the capitalization of development cooperation, we are pursuing.


Association members

We divide up the tasks involved in project work on several shoulders. Each club member contributes a part to the success of the projects. We all share the motivation and drive to want to change something in order to provide more equal opportunities in the world.


Our Project Criteria

Our Mission
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By creating new perspectives for action, we increase the degree of autonomy and self-determination so that people in the project regions can independently represent their interests in the future. We can do this by supporting our project partners in implementing their own ideas and by using our engineering expertise to build up decentralized and sustainable (infra) structures.


Through our project work, we enable the people in the project region to improve their quality of life sustainably under ecological and socio-economic aspects. In this way we enable them to overcome their lack of prospects by using environmentally friendly resources.

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Knowledge Transfer

For us, learning with and from each other is an important prerequisite for overcoming cultural borders, because the change of perspective achieved in this way enables both sides to broaden their perspectives. A continuous transfer of knowledge is essential so that our project partners can operate and maintain the created (infra) structures independently in the long term.

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