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We are very happy that the first seven children have found a second home in Chabalisa since spring 2019. Three girls and four boys currently live on the project site with seven sisters. The center is currently in a kind of familiarization phase before the house is completely occupied and school operations begin.

The nuns chose this procedure in order to familiarize themselves with the new task in a manageable framework. The number of residents is to be increased if a timely and regular school attendance on the premises is ensured for the children. The number of sisters who take care of the children in Chabalisa is determined by the religious community, depending on the number and the need of care for the children.

The children are cared for by the sisters and given one three times a day

balanced meal. The parents regularly visit their children in Chabalisa. During the holidays or weekends, parents can also pick up their children to spend time together at home. The parents are very grateful for the newly gained support and relief, as their children are now cared for in a dignified and appropriate setting and they experience acceptance and appreciation at the center.

The children currently living in Chabalisa are between 6 and 13 years old. Most of them have never been given a medical diagnosis, so their illnesses cannot be clearly identified. The clinical pictures range from deafness to malformations

limbs to various mental and physical disabilities and differentiate

thus differ greatly from each other. Accordingly, the need for care and independence of the children also vary.

Despite their illnesses, the children are full of zest for life, daring and thirst for knowledge.

It is nice to see how much the children have blossomed in their new environment and how well they support and encourage each other in everyday life. In Chabalisa they learn how to deal better with their illness and learn that a disability is not a shame.

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